New Hampshire readies 2016 verdict

From Nashua, New Hampshire

In a last series of rallies, Democrats and Republicans running for President issued final pleas for support in a snowy New Hampshire, as voters in the Granite State will take the second big step on the road to the White House in 2016.

“Please, come out and help me,” said Hillary Clinton in Manchester, where her husband the former President joined with their daughter Chelsea at a rally.

The polls indicate Clinton is trailing Sen. Bernie Sanders; eight years ago, Clinton pulled a major upset by defeating Barack Obama – now she will need a similar kind of magic act on Tuesday in New Hampshire.

As for Sanders, he rallied with college students on Monday, trying to squeeze even more support out of an age group that seems to have almost abandoned Clinton.

“Understand that the status quo is no longer acceptable,” said Sanders.

On the Republican side, the polls indicate Donald Trump is leading by a wide margin.

Trump stuffed four events into one day on Monday, sticking with his new strategy of small events, rather than giant rallies.

“If I believe everything I’m reading, we’re going to do very well,” Trump said.

If Trump does win, then the really big race for Republicans will be for second place behind him. If Marco Rubio were to win that slot, then he might force others out of the race.

In a final rally in Nashua, Rubio ignored his GOP rivals, and again targeted Hillary Clinton, and spoke about his own road to this point.

“In 1996 in the state, I came here on behalf of Bob Dole’s campaign for President,” Rubio told his crowd.

Up the road, John Kasich was making his final pitch as well.

“I hope you’ll really think about voting for me,” said Kasich, who has ticked up into second place in some New Hampshire polls.

For now, Trump, Rubio, Kasich, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie have all said they will continue on to South Carolina on February 20.

But if Rubio can defeat all of them in New Hampshire, it may make their trip south a bit more difficult to raise money and press ahead.

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