Trump churns the VP rumor mill

For the last four days, four different Republicans have had a Vice Presidential trial balloon lifted over Washington, D.C., to see if they might just be the person standing next to Donald Trump next week at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland as Trump’s running mate, as Trump’s campaign works to squeeze every bit of suspense out of this pick.

Over the weekend, the name that was floated was Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, now retired, but once the top intelligence official for the military, who was in the spotlight.

By Monday, the focus had shifted to Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, as he campaigned with Trump in Virginia.

On Tuesday, there was Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, as he was reported by some to be the inside choice.

But even before Pence could appear with Trump in the Hoosier State on Tuesday night, there were reports that Newt Gingrich – the combative, ex-Speaker of the House might be the selection for Trump.

In other words, we are just days away from that choice being made by Trump, as his campaign is playing the news media like a fine instrument.

Some indications are that Trump will wait until Friday to name his pick, but we’ll see what happens.

And don’t forget – Hillary Clinton needs to make her pick, too.

So, put on your campaign cap – when do you make the Trump pick, and if you’re Clinton, when do you make yours?

The GOP convention starts on Monday, July 18. The Democrats gather on July 25.

The clock is ticking.

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